NodeJS Admin Panel

Motor Admin allows to create an admin panel for your NodeJS application auto-generated based on an SQL database in less than a minute.

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Admin UI
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5 minutes
Auto-generated CRUD

Search, create, update, and delete records using an auto-generated admin UI built based on your SQL database schema. All changes in the database are automatically applied to the Motor Admin UI.

Custom forms builder

Create custom forms and integrate them with your NodeJS application's REST or GraphQL API. WYSIWYG builder allows to create forms for internal users faster then using any frontend frameworks.

Reports and dashboards

Create reports using SQL or your NodeJS API and visualize them with charts or markdown. Individual reports can be combined into interactive data dashboards. You can also share periodic reports with your team members via email or on Slack.


Search and filters

API actions

Data reports


Forms builder

Email alerts


AWS S3 integration

Rich text editor

Roles and permissions

Audit log

Live notes

Multiple databases

Slack notifications

Kanban view

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